Creative Cities Network
Creative Cities Network is one of UNESCO’s projects together with the UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites, which has been established since 2004. Applications are open every two years, in order to promote the development of creative industries, which would lead to the cooperation of the international communities, the citizens, the public, and the private sectors. According to the UNESCO, a Creative City has been define as a cooperation between the local communities and public organizations to create a city through the development of the environmental factors, social structures, economical structures, cultural heritage, historical traditions, as well as local traditions combined with modern technologies for the purpose of creating cities with business friendly atmosphere, also known as creative industry.
Percentage of Creative Cities around the world divided by the 7 categories
Source: unesco.org/creative-cities
7 Types of Creative Cities
1. City of Literature
2. City of Film

3. City of Music
4. City of Art & Folk Arts
5. City of Design
6. City of Media art
7. City of Gastronomy
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