(Toddy palm curry) is a local curry belonging to Phetchaburi. The young toddy palm will be carefully selected, not too old but not too young either, to give a crunchy texture without being tough and chewy. The young toddy palm will be thinly sliced and kneaded with salt until only slight bitter notes remains. Next they will be cooked together with curry pastes, coconut milk, grilled fish or grilled meat, seasoned with fish sauce, and palm sugar. Kaeng-Kua-Hua-Tan possess a slight bitter note, which is a characteristic of young toddy palms, combined with the sweetness of palm sugar giving the dish a mellow flavor.
Kuaitiao Phetchaburi
(Phetchaburian Noodles), even though many restaurants have their own secret recipes, however they still share the following c local factory is served in a small cup next to a bowl of perfectly cooked noodles with tender stewed beef. Kuaitiao Phetchaburi is a unique local dish, which is popular among bharacteristics; a delicious broth combined with local soy sauce, fresh palm sugar, quality beef stock, served with homemade chilies-vinegar sauce made from Karen chilies, a product of Nong Ya Plong district, which give the dish a spicy flavor, and unique local fragrances. Red chili sauce fromoth Phetchaburians and tourists.
Khanom Mo Kaeng
Phetchaburi's famous Khanom Moh Kaeng, is famous all around. This is partly because of “Jaggery (Puffed Sugar)”, a high-quality sugar from sugar palm trees, which are planted in abundance in the province. When this type of sugar is mixed into the ingredients of various desserts and cooked until done. You will get a dessert that has a unique sweet taste that is different from the dessert that uses normal sugar as the main ingredient. In addition to Khanom Mo Kaeng, Phetchaburi Province also has many delicious Thai desserts. Cut glutinous rice, Khanom Lay, Kalamae, Thong Yib, Thong Yod, Foi Thong, Khao Tu, etc. price of dessert pot curry Most of them are at 35-40 baht per tray.
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