Community-based tourism
in Tham Rong Community

Tham Rong Community is another self-driven community of a development pilot project. It’s searching for its own identities by looking at its own potentialities and cultural capitals such as local wisdom, local food and a way of living in the toddy palm orchard which has long been passed down through generations.



These identities reflected the community key assets that all community members can use as tools to develop their own community through “community-based tourism” as well as creating a mechanism towards a self-managed community that thinks over ecotourism and focuses on creating the learning process and promoting the active participation of all community members.

The community is well aware of the importance of tourism management. All community members agree and are ready to manage and deal with changes that might happen. They also have to prepare plans, according to sustainable tourism as an effort “to protect, reserve and manage the community resources in order to carry on the identities of the Tham Rong Community”.


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